Build Your Own

We love renovating cottages for our clients just as much as we do for ourselves. And when you work with Company + Cottage you’ll get both a magazine-worthy cottage to enjoy and an income producing rental property (that will pay for itself). While we can’t promise national press coverage, we will pitch all Company + Cottage projects to popular home magazines/sites, which always makes properties even more desirable rentals.

We are currently hand-selecting our clients and fixer-uppers for 2019. If you’re interested in learning more or adding your name to our waitlist, please reach out. We’d love to chat.


Step 1: Team Building

We will connect you with our lending, realtor, construction and rental management partners to kick-off your renovation project. We have worked with our crew for over 8 years and have established trusted and valued relationships. We are well-respected in western Michigan and that goes along way when demand outweighs supply.


Step 2: Property Scouting

We will help identify properties in western Michigan that are in poor condition, teardowns or foreclosures. We will set up a tailored MLS search, look for auction/foreclosure/for sale by owner properties and even engage locals to help assist us in our search. We will attend an in-person walk-through of a chosen property prior or during the inspection phase. Properties will be near Lake Michigan and 5-15 mins to charming towns.


Step 3: Future-State Visioning

We will help you envision how your cottage will look after the renovations by providing a 2D exterior rendering, directional floor plans to show new spatial design and a renovation wish list to assist with renovation estimates. These documents will also direct architect measurements and builder blueprints.


Step 4: Selection Generating

We will help provide exterior and interior selections for paint, roof, windows, kitchen, bath, flooring, lighting, etc. A document will be prepared with recommendations and links for items to be purchased. Some of the items will be salvaged, reclaimed or discontinued to provide unique charm.


Step 5: Interior Designing

We will help provide mood boards and layouts for each room with furnishing and accessories. A document will be prepared with recommendations and links to items that need to be purchased. We will also provide a “hunt” list for vintage items that we will ask you to help us find to add into the mix.


Step 6: Rental Marketing

We will help market your cottage as a successful rental property on Airbnb. We will shoot magazine quality photos, help market it with compelling copy, recommend settings for maximum income potential and provide an investment spreadsheet. In addition, we will connect you with our rental management company and cleaning crew to make it all run smoothly.